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4 Step Morning Routine, Simple but Successful.

Creating a peaceful home starts with having a more peaceful morning. The hardest days my family has, usually could have been prevented by having had a better start to the day. Although this isn’t something that can just happen overnight, it is something that we, as moms, can be aware of and start to create little by little. It takes some planning and forethought. However, the benefits of a simple morning routine by far, outweigh the sacrifices.

Making some positive changes can help you and your family stay more productive. It all starts with prayer and building a good foundation for your day that will sustain you! Gain strength from the Word of God, and it becomes a dangerous combination! Here is a peek at our 4 Step Morning Routine and Why it Works.

Simple Morning Routine

Start with Quiet Time

She rises also while it is still night, and gives food to her household and portions to her maidens. Proverbs 31:15

I set my alarm to go off about an hour and a half before my family needs to start getting ready. That may sound like a lot of time to some, however, after snoozing once (or twice), this gives me plenty of time to do a few things for myself before the needs from my family start to come my way!

With coffee pot set to auto, its ready and waiting for me when I slowly get out of bed and stumble to the kitchen. You may not need that much time. The important thing is to give yourself the extra time BEFORE the family wakes up.

I sit in a comfy spot and read my bible for about 30 min and pray. At that time, I take a look at my planner where I have written out my weekly tasks. This gives me an easy way to see what I need to remember and focus on to keep a simple morning routine, and for the day. After a few minutes, and that last bit of coffee in my cup, I head in for a refill and take a cup to my husband, and let him know what time it is. The rest of the house starts to wake up!

Prep For a Home Made Dinner

Then it’s back to the kitchen to do whatever dinner prep is needed. This only takes up about 10 min of my morning. My Meal Planning Process is another way to reduce the stress in the home with more preparedness in the evening.

Here are some more 20-minute self-care ideas to choose from

  • Drink a glass of ice water and take vitamins
  • Prep some breakfast for your self
  • Pick up a book and read
  • Do some writing
  • Walk on the treadmill or do a Hit Workout
  • Ab exercises

At this time, I shower, and get myself ready. My husband makes the bed and gets prepped for his day during this time. His help and support are crucial to our success.

Wake Up the Kids!

Right about 6 am I head in to wake up my son. My son takes some finessing in the morning to put it lightly. Sometimes he jumps up and can get through his tasks in about 15 min. Other mornings take him about 30 min or more! He is 8 years old and has ADHD, that should explain a lot. We also have two teenagers, but they can get themselves up and ready. There’s not much to do in that department but put out fires now and then.

In addition to getting dressed, making his bed, and straightening his room, my son also feeds the dog in the morning. After that, he eats breakfast and brushes his teeth. He is fairly ready at this point. Shoes, backpack, lunch, and coat are ready by the door from our evening routine.  

Leave the House on a Positive

By this time, it is about 6:30-6:40, and I have just enough time to brush my teeth, grab up my things, and say my good-byes for the day. The goal? Everyone is out the door with minimal arguing and everything that they need. Even if an argument needs to be postponed and discussed later after our day ends.

Why it works

This exact morning routine is not the only recipe for success. I don’t think what we do is as important as being prepared for the day. Beginning the day with prayer and scripture sets my day on a positive and encouraging note. Although I am very tired, I know that without this routine, and the support and help from my husband, we would be a mess!

Time Management

Taking the extra time each morning allows me to stay on top of the daily to-do’s because I know when I have time to tackle something and when I don’t. I know what can be postponed and what can’t. This also allows me to take a look at what my personal goals are and make progress towards them. I leave the house with a plan for the evening as well, and it is manageable enough to stay successful. Read more about Time Management Strategies here!

Quiet Time Is Part Of My Morning Routine

Having enough time to take care of everything, and spending my first minutes with the Lord is the key here. Not being behind, not being rushed. Having the extra few minutes it takes to listen to one of my kids tell me about their bad dream, or to give everyone a hug and tell them I love them makes a huge difference to their day and mine. Being able to give my husband a much-needed hug and encouraging word, and know they are all set up to be successful.

Do the mornings always go as planned? No, they do not. But when they do it is a beautiful thing. And when they don’t, we just try again the next day.

If you want some ideas for a meaningful quiet time with the Lord, Head over to the Faith Page. You’ll find some great study ideas to get you started!

Do you struggle in the mornings keeping it all together? Leave a comment!

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  1. Great suggestions – I love the idea of getting up before everyone and spending time with God and coffee ;0) You are an inspiration and I look forward to reading more of your blog!

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