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My 4 Secrets to Easy Freezer Meals

Freezer meal plans have blown up online! This is by far one of my favorite ways to save time and money on my grocery budget. On busy nights all the work is done already! I have a few secrets to make freezer meal plans even easier! Hopefully to help you strengthen your foundation and bring a little more joy and peace back to your home as well!

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And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it’s foundation had been built on the rock. Matthew 7:25

What is freezer cooking?

First of all, let me explain what this is. If you have never heard the term before, “freezer cooking” or “freezer meals” means prepping a batch of meals that can go into the freezer, and be thawed and cooked during the week with almost no effort. Saving you valuable time during your busy (or even lazy) days, allowing you to have a home homemade meal to give you family.

Secret #1

Find a Friend or Two

Sharing is caring, right? It’s a wonderful thing to step back after prepping 3 meals (doubled), and have 6 meals to put in your freezer! Do you have a friend that also can benefit from this time-saving trick? Your friend can also make 6 different meals and if you swap them, you now have 6 meals that are all different varieties! The more friends you have doing this, the more meals and varieties everyone gets! This is a super fun way to get together with other women, and plan to be productive while spending time together. You can meet and discuss which meals you can make, so they are all different. Then prep on your own specified day. You’ll be ready to trade in no time!

Secret #2

Convert you own meals into freezer meals 

You can search the web and Pinterest to find millions of ideas for healthy freezer meals. However, you may also have some of your own recipes that can be converted to freezer meals easily. I’ve even thrown a few together just because I have over purchased an item, and don’t want it to go bad. One example, I made 2 healthy freezer meals with the extra ham and potatoes I had from Thanksgiving

Some ideas that work well: Your favorite meat loaf recipe, soups or marinades, or meats for tacos. and of course casseroles. In my opinion, my own recipes make the best freezer meals! Just omit some items like the pasta, dairy additions, or fresh veggie toppings until serving day!

Secret #3

Keep your freezer meal shopping lists

If you keep your freezer meal shopping list separated from your other lists. This will allow you to pull it back out later and re-use it. Hello Time Saver! Type it up and print it out next time you need it! If you do this a few times, like I have, you end up with your own library of resources! It is ready to go when you hit the store, no pre-planning required! I keep them in my Meal Planning Binder.

Secret #4 Include a desert 

Keep things exciting for your family and include a freezer dessert in your freezer cooking plan. Cookie dough freezes well. You can form them and bake as needed! My meal plans and list include a desert. Spoil yourself and your family once in a while with something sweet! This is great for family movie night, or a night when you have guests.

Don’t Forget

Keep in mind though, that this takes some money up front to do. If you include too many people this may get very expensive. Keep it simple and practical. This will also require quite a bit of freezer space. If you don’t have a second fridge/freezer you may just stick with 3-4 meals. Or, invest in a standing freezer and go all out! We are currently buying a used one. You can find very inexpensive options on Craigslist or local garage sales. Keep it simple, or go big, the choice is up to you! This is an amazing way to manage your time, having more time for family! You can read more about this in my Time Management Tips Post!

Freezer Meal Plan-4 Meals Plus Cookies for Desert!

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