Welcome to the Faith Page! This is where you’ll find resources to grow your faith, bring peace to your home, and strength to your relationships. I’m so blessed to be able to share them. I hope and pray they will challenge you to seek the Lord on a daily basis and learn more about his love for you!

In this study, see how God meets you wherever you are. No matter your past! He calls to us all, he pursues and desires to have a relationship with each and every one of us. We simply need to take a step into his arms.

Rahab’s simple act of faith gained her a place in history as a woman in the lineage of Christ! And he desires good things for us too. Go to study.

In this 5 week study find out what wisdom is, how we look as either unwise or wise, and why it’s important to seek Godly Wisdom.

Read about Abigail and the characteristics that made her a wise wife, and see how a continual relationship with the Lord helps you experience and deepen your understanding daily. Go to study.

Do you long to create deeper relationships but your words get the better of you? What we say to others has a lasting effect! This short study will help you work through what the bible says about taming our tongues. Go to study.

Read and work through exercises that are thought provoking and challenging at your own pace!

Lately, I’ve been praying for many marriages, whether strong or seeing them struggle. Seeing Satan attack their relationship and praying for those couples to find the lord and find love so they can connect again! Read more……

Click here for the verses from First Love!