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Choose A Daily Planner With These 7 Amazing Tips

I don’t think I could survive right now without my Planner. It’s my little structure creating tool that helps me with the overwhelm of being a busy mom. I look forward every weekend to taking some time with my Personal size Kikki K and must have planner supplies. Consolidating my family’s schedules and keeping everyone on track, as well as accomplishing my personal goals. Consider these 6 things when you choose a daily planner for yourself.

Discovering the Perfect Planner System

I fell in love with planners after looking at Bullet Journals on Pinterest. I’m more of a minimalist when it comes to layouts, so when I searched for ideas I tried to stick with that theme. However, there are millions of ideas out there for using a daily planner! I started out using a lined journal with the same BoJo method until I could justify buying my first Bullet Journal.

Choosing A Daily Planner

I had so much fun mixing up my layouts each week and month! This was very satisfying for me to accomplish a little arts and crafts time and create a beautiful layout that I could use daily.

Once I worked my way through one Bullet Journal, life started getting busier. My girls both got jobs, my son had more homework, and I just needed more time to put towards executing a plan rather than creating a pretty place to plan it all out! So, my eyes wandered once again to Pinterest for some more ideas.

Types of Planners I’ve used

After using a regular Journal type notebook and Bullet Journal, I started looking at pre-printed planners. There are tons of sizes, layouts, and colors to choose from. I did a lot of research and started to narrow down what might work for me. Some of the things I considered when I choose a daily planner are;

  • How much will I use this planner
  • Will it travel with me or stay at home?
  • Is there a place for everything I want to include?
  • Am I paying for a feature I don’t use?
  • Do I want a Horizontal Layout or Vertical Layout?
  • Will I have room to color code

7 key points when You Choose a daily Planner that’s right for you

Having some ideas about what you really need will go a long way when you choos a daily planner. When I finally think I’m ready to go to the store and feel and touch planners, I am still overwhelmed by the choices! It’s incredible how many options an Office Max has for daily planners! My husband came with me for moral support last time and he was dumbfounded!

How Much You’ll Use Your Daily Planner

I use my daily planner every day! Some people use it several times a day, and some people maybe a few times a week. It really all depends on your needs and desires. This also may depend on your job, hobbies, recreation, and social schedules as well!

Can You Consolidate Everything In Your Daily Planner?

If you’re like me, you want everything in one place! I don’t want to go searching around for my calendar when work on paying bills or meal planning. I want it altogether, so when I need to add a note or reminder, all I need to do is flip over a few tabs and it’s done! This also helps a lot when making appointments that will be paying for, I can schedule and note the cost needed all at the same time. No need to remember later in the day. Here is a list of everything I have in my planner currently.

  •                                 Calendars-Monthly/Weekly
  •                                 Finances-Budget, Savings, and Irregular Expenses
  •                                 Cash/Card Pouches-For my envelope system
  •                                 Goals-Yearly goals, and a 3-month plan to keep me on track
  •                                 House cleaning-Master schedule
  •                                 Meal Planning Lists-Reminders and meal ideas
  •                                 To-Do Lists for Blog-Keeps track of current projects
  •                                 Faith-Notes from studies and sermons in a pinch
My Budgeting Pages

Choose a daily Planner for Travel or Home

There are a gazillion sizes for planners. Tall, Short, Fat or thin. This is one of the things I struggled with as I used my last planner. I Bought a lovely Living Well Planner, and fell in love with it. I loved its size at that time, because it gave me lots of space to my life planning and my blog planning all in one. However, toward the end of its time, I needed to be able to take it with me! It was just a little to big and bulky to carry around. Bigger Purse anyone? Not my style!

So, when I was choosing a daily planner this year, I added portable to my list of needs. I’m Currently using my Kikki K Personal size planner for all of my needs, and my wallet too! I can have my ID, Credit, Debit and Cash envelopes all together! It’s working out grand, and I’m pretty proud of my set up! I even re-vamped some monthly, weekly, and Budgeting printables that you can get on my resources page as well!       

What is the Perfect Daily Planner Layout?

Vertical Week Planner
Monthly Layout Planner

Horizontal layouts can give more room I think, although I’m using a vertical layout right now. This was an easy transition from the Living Well Planner I had. For access to my current weekly printables, sign up for my email list and I’ll send you the password!

The vertical layout is more of a list type format which is easy for me. This can also allow for easier time blocking if desired, or planning your day by morning and evening or by the hour.

Do your daily planner pages need to be removable?

The binder type planners are super easy to use for this reason. There are many types and sizes for these as well! 3 or 6 rings open and close so you can add or remove or rearrange things in a snap! This Is one of my favorite features of my current planner.

Will You have room for Color Coding?

My Weekly and Monthly Pages

Once you have an idea of a daily Planner that fits your needs, take into consideration what planner supplies you will use in your planning system. You may need to think about things like. Color coding, using washi tape or stickers, and what markers or pens you use, and how to organize your planner supplies as well.

Having an idea when you purchase your planner will reduce any frustration when you actually sit down and start using a daily planner. We all want to enjoy the Monthly and weekly set up and decorating part, rather than disappointed that your washi tape is too big, or your markers show through the pages.

Will You use every feature offered?

The final thing to think about once you choose a daily planner is if you will use every feature that you are paying for. Many planners come with lots of extra things like trackers, contact lists, holiday gift giving lists, and address books. I don’t like to pay for things I don’t use unless the rest of the planner is worth it. Having a good quality cover, sturdy rings or binding, and just the right number of tabs.

Choose What Works For You

When you think about all of the aspects of using a daily planner, and planner supplies, it’s really all up to what works for you! The key points in this post hopefully will help you pick out the perfect planner so you can get the most use out of each day and month. If you enjoyed this information and find it useful, pin it for later! Thank you so much for reading and enjoy choosing your next planner!

Do you have any further tips on Choosing the perfect planner? If so, please share a comment!

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