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Busy Mom Breakfast Ideas And Tips

Make Breakfast Important Again

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day they say. However, realistically the time it takes to prepare a healthy breakfast every day is just not practical. As moms, we cut time where ever possible. This usually starts with time we should take for ourselves. Although the trend of sacrificing is on the rise, don’t put off a healthy breakfast. Sometimes it can be just the thing to get you through your day. These Busy Mom Breakfast ideas will have you out the door on time with a healthy, inexpensive breakfast in hand.

Busy Mom Breakfast Ideas

Benefits of healthy eating habits

Eating healthy has many benefits. Did you know that women who maintain a healthy body weight don’t skip meals? They eat often during the day! This keeps your metabolism up, keeps your brain sharp, keeps your energy levels consistent and helps you stay focused!

Busy Moms Can Save Time and Money

Taking the time to prepare your breakfasts before the week starts can save you so much time and money! 5$ per coffee? $3 for a muffin or bagel? That adds up to $40 a week if you make this a Monday – Friday habit!

Grab a $3 box of oatmeal that will last you weeks! Top it with some dried fruit and nuts. Spend $15 and you can have a delicious busy mom breakfast from home for a month! Try Yogurt and granola topped with some fresh berries. There are so many ideas out there, think of the money you can put towards something else.

Busy Mom Grab n Go Breakfast Prep

Imagine having healthy breakfasts for the entire week just waiting for you to grab n go out the door! It doesn’t take much time to prepare if you have a plan. Start by deciding what you would like, hot or cold, eat at home or take on the road. You can also use my 7 Steps for Money Saving Meal Plans to save money on family dinners too!

How To Get Started

Start on Sunday, or whenever your work week or busy week starts. Make a quick list of a variety of healthy breakfast ideas. Start with what you have at your house right now. This will serve two purposes. It will use up things you already have and will eliminate the time it takes to go shopping. Of course, if you are headed to the store anyways, take a quick inventory of what you have and what you need and grab it when you do your shopping. You can use the checklist below to get you started. As you make healthy breakfast part of your routine, you can create your own list too! I have a 2-week meal plan sheet on my resources page to save you time and money while meal planning for your family.


Set out your ingredients

I like to take out my 5 containers for the week first. Any small container will work, it doesn’t have to be pretty. I’ve used jars too, they’re great for oatmeal and toppings and stay pretty warm on my commute to work.

For Oatmeal

Busy Mom Oatmeal

Next, I take out all of the ingredients I need. Then as I use each thing, I can put it away. By the time I’m finished, my mess is also fairly cleaned up too. I work my way through each set of breakfasts. If I’m taking oatmeal 3 days, I measure them out in individual containers. Then, place the toppings in a separate zipper top bag or container so they don’t get soggy. (You can pre-make your oats, or you can put them in dry and add the water when you microwave them, I do both)

For Smoothies

Busy Mom Smoothie Bags

In the spring and summer, I take a lot of smoothies. To pre-make these, place your ingredients in a zipper top bag, you can combine spinach, berries, bananas (great use for the brown ones) I even put ½ an avocado in the bag. In the morning I can add yogurt and juice or almond milk and blend it up in no time!

For the Savory Taste Buds

Grab some English muffins, Tortillas, or bagels. Scramble up some eggs and brown some sausage if you have it. You can put together a few breakfast sandwiches or burritos to heat and eat on the road.

For Yogurt and Granola

I really love to make my own granola, but this takes a little extra time and planning. When I don’t have it on hand, I try to buy a lower sugar and lower fat variety. Many times, you’re taking in so much sugar and fat with granola it’s like eating candy! Homemade Granola is a great Busy Mom Breakfast idea, You can control the ingredients, and it’s an awesome snack when afternoon hunger strikes!

Busy Mom Breakfast Parfait

I use the individual Greek yogurts, these have so much protein and usually less sugar also. I can place my granola and berries in a container or jar, grab both, and I’m out the door!

Create a Routine

Make it a personal goal to add this as part of your weekly prep routine! You will be so glad you did. Especially on mornings if you accidentally overslept, or forgot you have a meeting to attend. Don’t sacrifice healthy eating habits to make time for other things. Manage your time well with these tips and create a Morning routine that works for you. Being a Busy Mom shouldn’t mean you can’t take the time to care about what you eat.

Our bodies need fuel. Running on an empty tank is a bad idea. We, as moms and wives, need to maintain a healthy and sharp mind. Share your Busy Mom Breakfast ideas! What do you love, and how can you make it work for a grab and go meal? Share this post with someone who you think could benefit, and don’t forget to pin it to your board too.

Need more time in your schedule? These Time Management Strategies will help you take a look at your day. What do you do for breakfasts? comment below, I’m Always looking for more ideas!

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