Amazingly Simple Goal Setting Process

Our Natural Growth

Everyone is born with a desire to achieve goals. This begins with learning to crawl, pull up to a chair or table, walk, run, and jump. The joy that a child expresses when he or she reaches these milestones is extremely contagious! We show much pride as we grow and learn new things; it’s our natural inclination as we go through the stages of life, hungering for more of this feeling. Goal setting is important to our growth in any circumstance. I’ll show you how to set and achieve your goals.

We Have To Continue Goal Setting In Order To Reach Them

When we reach the point of maturity, the desire can somewhat change inside of us! Outside influences, insecurities, and failures cause us to hold back. These all come into play when we think of stepping out and challenging ourselves. My amazing goal setting strategies will help you stay on track by reaching for those things you desire, but seem impossible to achieve!

Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:4

Let’s take a look at how we can grab hold of what we really want, and take the steps needed to get there. You’ll need to have some kind of vision of what the end result will be, like being able to see the target your aiming for! So take some time to unpack your goals, big or small, Let’s get to work!

De-clutter Your List

As you go through these steps your big goal will become more and more manageable. I hope you’re encouraged by how this goal setting activity helps you de-clutter your goals.


Are Your Goals Big Or Small?

  • What are you passionate about? Did God Bless you with specific talents? Is there something you have wanted to try for a long time? When you are truly happy and joyful, what are you doing?
    • Cooking
    • Good with children
    • Art
    • Music
    • Volunteering
  • Set your short-term and long-term goals. Goals can be related, or separate. For example, you may want to someday take a trip to another country! But you also may want to clean out your garage, or maybe write a book. They aren’t connected, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start working toward each of them!
  • Decide on your time frame to accomplish each goal. Your trip might be 5 years off, and cleaning your garage might need to be done by the end of the month.

Break Them Down

  • Take each goal and write down some major milestones you will be reaching on our path. Your Milestones might change as you go through your steps, but having something on paper gives you direction.
    • How much will your vacation cost? And what does your breakdown of savings need to be to get there?
    • What are your action steps to cleaning out that garage?
    • What steps are involved in writing, and publishing your book?
  • research and make a list of items or supplies needed for a task, destinations for your trip, topics for your book.
  • Break down your milestones into steps. Some examples of this might be savings goals, time set aside to shop for supplies, Step by step processes on how to do a project. Plan ahead so you have everything in order.

Goal Setting And Planners

The last few steps of the Goal Setting Process will include planning each week in a planner. I thought this would be an appropriate time to take a minute to talk about planners. If you’re not using one, you should! Don’ you dare think your life is boring and that you don’t need one! Everyone can benefit from a planner, and if you haven’t fallen in love with one yet, you just haven’t met the right one! Do some research, or look at planners on Pinterest, this will give you some great ideas to use when you look for your next one.

Bullet pages are great for Goal Planning steps

To me, this is one of those things that you dream about purchasing and you just want to be alone for hours in the store to make sure you know every planner cover to cover because you don’t want to be disappointed with the one you pick later. Addiction maybe, however, I found this planner at Office Max and fell in love with it. But yes, I did spen loads of time looking at all of the other options too (just in case).

My Current Planner

In addition to organizing and planning, I am also addicted to planners. So, to me, having the perfect planner is really something that gets me out of bed each morning. Sometimes LITERALLY! The planner I’m using this year has everything I need in it, and extra space for my wild out of control lists and brain dumps! I’m using the Live Well Planner.

Once you start to research planners, you’ll find bullet journals, printed calendars, day focused or week focused planners, even goal setting planners! Although the Live Well Planner is the one that suits my needs right now, I am still excited to see what is out next time I am in need of a new one.

Easy To Use

Use your planner for goal setting

Each weekend I fill it up with tasks, and then check things off and add new items as needed. My planner helps me to de-clutter all of the things on my plate. The Live Well Planner has lots of space for my mini to-do lists for each day. This makes it easier to divide the day up into sections for morning/evening when needed (which is always for me), and is perfect for de-cluttering goals.

Now For The Remaining Steps

  • Set your weekly (short term goals), or monthly (long term goals) tasks. Again, these may change as you begin working through your steps. Write these out in your planner, like me, and view them each day during your Morning Routine! I like to keep a weekly focus when I have a goal I’m working toward, then I break down that item into tasks for the week to accomplish (grocery shopping every two weeks? I need a Meal Plan, I need a Grocery List, and I need a day set aside to go to the store).

Evaluate Your Progress

  • Continue to challenge yourself! Check off your tasks as you accomplish them, and if you get off track a little, that’s OK, JUST DON’T GIVE UP! Check out these Time Management Strategies to give you an even greater advantage at accomplishing your goals!
  • Evaluate often as you move on to your next to-do’s, tasks, and milestones. Did you skip anything important? This will keep you on track to an accomplishment!

Brainstorming Goals is the First Step

If you don’t know where to start, take some time and pray about it. God will lead you in the right direction. Take a look around your home! Is there an area that needs improvement? Physically or emotionally? Start small and try to accomplish one thing at a time. Continue to pray, and I bet you will be surprised at what’s revealed.

From time to time, I look back over the milestones from my past and see a pattern. There’s a connection to what I’m really passionate about, which is encouraging and helping others. You might see this happen too, and may realize what your big goal looks like down the road.

For I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

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Unpack Your Goals

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