About Me

Hello! Its great to have you here reading my posts!

My name is Esther Joy and I am a Jesus lover and a lover of the Word! I am passionate about organizing and creating systems that simplify life and also about encouraging others! I live in beautiful Oregon with my Husband and 3 Kids.

At 19 I found myself pregnant and unmarried! I was lifted up and held by grace. The baby’s father and I got married at 20, and to this day he is still my very best friend in life! I am blessed beyond measure, but very undeserving!

I knew through the struggles of this situation that God was in control and that nothing was outside His will. This helped me to accept full on the calling to be a mother, wife, and homemaker. We grew up fast! I was driven to be the best I could be for my family and still do to this day. Although along with learning, there is also failures, road blocks, fights and tears but that is how we learn and become stronger. I am a little OCD at times, and people can be a little unsure of my personality and dry humor. But I love to help people be their best!

I work a full-time job Monday through Friday, but my desire is to encourage women and mothers who work inside or outside the home to gather up their God given talents and take on their daily tasks with Joy! Cleaning, Cooking, Money Management, shopping, homework! We have so much on our to do lists all the time! Let’s take charge and be proactive together and peace will follow.