Abigail-A Wise Wife And Wonderful Example

Study #3

A Bit Before Abigail’s story:

David had been fleeing for his life, he and 600 of his men, from King Saul. The group had been wandering around hiding. David had also known he would be anointed king, and although he had many opportunities to kill King Saul, he did not. He obeyed Gods commands and had faith that God would keep his promises. The story of Abigail, a wise wife, and her husband take place during this time of hiding. Just after David had been protecting Nabal’s sheep shearers. A group that had been working near David’s hiding place.

David sent word to Nabal of his protection and alliance, and requested nourishment for his troops. Nabal (currently celebrating and having feasts and plenty to share), responded irritated, and refused to help David during this very stressful time. This angered David, and he set of armed for battle toward Nabal’s home.

Read the following verses: Proverbs 15:22, 4:5-7, 30:24-28

Jot down notes in your journal about what these verses are saying to you about wisdom.

Why should you seek wisdom?

Do you think having good judgment is a benefit to you?

The animals listed in Chapter 30 struck me as interesting choices, did you notice a connection     

Between them?

Read about Abigail (counted as very wise wife)

Read 1 Samuel 25

Abigail’s Husband Nabal Is Unwise

What kind of man was Nabal (Verse 3 and 25), and what does his name mean?

This is where Abigail enters the story. She is regarded by her husband’s household enough that the servants immediately went to her to explain the events. This tells me it was not the first time she stepped in and took action.

Read 1 Samuel 25: 14-17

Notice how the servants tried first to change Nabal’s mind, their next resort was to plea with Abigail. This shows that she held some weight in decision making.

She immediately makes her next decision without telling her husband anything. Verse 18-19

What does she decide to do?

Abigails Wisdom Calms David’s Anger

What was David about to do?

Abigail was well aware of who David was, Read her plea to him in Verses 23-31.

How does David react after speaking to Abigail?

When she returned home, Abigail chose wisely again, to wait to speak to her husband until he was no longer drunk, what happened when she told Nabal the events?

David hears of this cruel man’s death and immediately thinks of Abigail. He sends a messenger to request she come to marry him and live under his protection. Verses 39-40 How does Abigail respond?

Abigail’s Wisdom Lasts Eternally

Can you list some traits that Abigail shows in this story? I’ve started with the first. (Verse 41 explains even more of her countenance.)

Patient, …

Reflect: Are there times in your life as a wife that you have used discretion to react properly to a situation?

How did you feel?

What was the result?

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