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8 Tips For A Cleaner Happier Home

Cleaning Routine for Working Moms:

The last thing I want to do when I come home from work each night is to clean anything! I want to have an easy relaxing evening, with a no-fuss dinner, and quickly prepare for the next day. I’m pretty sure that every working woman feels the same. Plus, if a spur of the moment evening out pops up, I want to enjoy it, and I want to have a cleaner happier home too! Not stress out about all of the things I’m behind on by being gone! However this is easier said than done, am I right?

The Benefits of a Cleaning Routine

Spending a little time each day will have an amazing effect on the amount of time you have later on in the day or week. It doesn’t take long to keep the dishes loaded into the dishwasher, or to hang up that jacket instead of putting it on a bed. Try rotating a load of laundry and folding it right away. Having this mentality will free up more time later for things like a family movie night! Or a guilt free date night!

Set the Standard

 Your family will love having a clean home just as much as you do. However, make sure to include them in the habit of quickly taking care of things and tell them thank you! Reward them with a friend night or night out, or even a family breakfast. This helps them to see the relationship between house work and free time, and stress-free evenings.  Getting started is the hardest part so look around your home. Write down some thoughts, and decide which area needs the most improvement and start making one habit at a time!

10 minute Tidy up

                Each night before sitting down to relax, I go through the house and do a quick tidy up. If there is something out of place that I can take care of, I do it. If there is an area that is one of my kids’ responsibilities, I stop what they are doing, and have them quickly take care of it. After a few minutes of getting everyone’s help, the house is pretty much ready for the next day! Plus, after doing this several times my kids have gotten used to tidying up their things in the main living area. Sometimes, they can see it’s coming, and they just do it out of habit.

Avoid an argument               

A cleaner home is a happier home. Don’t make this an opportunity to punish or have high demands of the quality. Although the goal is to have the house tidied up a bit, when there are a few things out that’s OK. I have left the same item sitting out (by my child) for an entire week! When the weekend comes, I can simply add that to the list of things they need to accomplish before they do any of their wants. Or I can simply move the item to their room that way it is not in sight, and on the weekend, they can take care of it if they haven’t done so already.

A place for everything               

One key thing that helps any home stay cleaner and happier is the old saying “A place for everything and everything in its place” If you have things that don’t have an actual place in the home then no one will be able to put that item away. Avoid this by making sure your family knows that there is a place for each item. This will allow the appearance of a clean and peaceful home during busy days until you have the time to do more in-depth cleaning. I have included a breakdown of cleaning tasks and how we fit them into our busy lives. You will find that even these larger tasks become easier to accomplish because of the time you have already spent keeping things tidy

Cleaning 101 Breakdown of Tasks

Use this breakdown to keep on top of your cleaning tasks. There is a weekly list for moms that work inside the home and outside the home!


Work before fun (for you too!)               

There are certain times I will have our routine include work before fun. I use this with daily routines as well as when I hear “Mom can I?” I quickly go through that child’s responsibilities. Is there a task that can be accomplished in a short amount of time now instead of later? This is a great motivator to get them caught up if they are lacking somewhere. Not to mention, if they are not keeping up with responsibilities, they should not be doing any extra activities anyways right?

On the weekends I write a list out for each child so they can help out with the weekly tasks. They know they need to accomplish these before they do anything. If you struggle to keep up with routines read this post on Time Management Strategies. In order to be productive, you gotta be good at managing your time well.

My view on Chore Charts               

I haven’t had much luck with these lately. Mostly because I work outside of the home and am not here to monitor that hour of the day. But if you are a mom that is home and you have young children, I strongly encourage you to do some research on age appropriate chores and get your routine going when they are young. It is much easier to work this habit in them before your children are become teenagers. There are all kinds of ideas for ways little kids can learn that the home is everyone’s responsibility. This is something we did when our kids were younger which is what has helped them to understand the responsibility to help out with housework now.

Pass the Baton              

Things that can be passed on from you to your kids. Laundry, my son is 8, and he is starting to do his own laundry. Their Room or personal space, their dishes and meal prep, (accept daily family dinner That’s yours but they can certainly lend a hand!) keeping their space tidy.

I hope this has motivated you to work towards a cleaner happier home. What area needs the most work? I would love to continue to help motivate you to fight the good fight. For more tips on saving time read about my Budgeting Strategies!

What area of your home is the most difficult to manage? Leave a comment below!

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