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7 Cleaning Hacks To Improve Routines In One Week

Maintaining a house cleaning routine is important for several reasons. It helps to create a more peaceful space, it’s more comfortable for your family and guests and teaches children valuable skills as they grow. But when your family is always on the go, this is very difficult to accomplish. Try these cleaning hacks to improve routines in 1 week. just tackle one tip each day!

Do You Need To Develop A Better Routine?

I would be a mess without my family’s help. Having each member take some of the responsibility is how we keep our home clean and home-made meals on the table while keeping up with 4 work schedules and school days. What’s the secret? Having a plan and staying accountable to it!

Pick What’s Important

1. When you think about your house cleaning tasks. Think about what you need to accomplish in order to keep your home running. Simplifying is one of the first steps to improve your routine. Include things like;

  • Clean Laundry
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cooking/Meal Planning
  • Clean Dishes
  • Garbage Removal
  • Bills and Money Management

Starting out with the basics will give you a good sense of what it takes to maintain your home. In addition to these, list anything more you would like to keep up on. Vacuuming, Mopping, Clean Showers and Toilets. These may seem important, but if you prioritize housework, clean dishes, and food to nourish your family rate higher then dust-free picture frames. You can sign up for my FREE E-COURSE below for some fantastic lists to help you get started!

Set Deadlines For Tasks

2. Thinking with a weekly timeline in mind is the perfect way to improve your routine. Set your tasks to a schedule by breaking them down by when they need to be done. Although this seems time-consuming, the benefits are enormous. You’ll gain so much insight, and it will help with creating your house cleaning schedule. After doing this several times, It doesn’t take me long to create my timeline. Being able to do things consistently helps.

Use A Planner To Improve Your Routine

3. In order to execute a plan, you need to have one first. Using a planner or calendar works perfectly. If you don’t already use a planner, I strongly urge you to purchase one. I’ve been so much more productive since I began planning my weeks out ahead of time. This has reduced stress and eliminated missed appointments. With 3 children, there’s quite a bit to keep up with.

Example of my planner layouts

Planner With House Cleaning Tasks

After you’ve set your deadlines, you’ll be able to schedule your tasks accordingly. Think of things like;

  • What day does garbage service pick up?
  • When are the bills due?
  • How often do you need to shop for groceries?
  • Do you need to do laundry once or twice per week?

Here’s how this works. Each week (I do this on Saturday/Sunday), Take your cleaning timeline/routine and add your items to your planner. I add my laundry days, reminders to clean toilets, budget planning, Meal planning and more. Once I get the bulk of these items penciled out for the week, I can fill in shorter tasks like 10-minute meal prep for dinners, vacuuming, or straightening the bathroom and tackling that toilet that got put off last week.

Breaking up large items helps tremendously for busy moms. It really takes the pressure off accomplishing time-consuming tasks in their entirety all at once, leaving you with less stress during your week and more time for family and friends. If you need help with meal planning, save time and money with my 7 steps to money saving meal plans. You can also find some great budget tips and a budgeting spreadsheet here.

Delegating To Your Kids

4. When my children were little, and I was able to be home with them, I did pretty much all of the housework during the day. My time management was completely different back then. However, they are all getting older now, and very capable of helping clean and maintain the house. For some great ideas about age appropriate chores check out these posts. Chores For Kids By Age: By The Hobson Homestead, and Chores For Kids By Age: By The B Keeps Us Honest. Or Age Appropriate Chores For Kids

A Peaceful Routine Instead of A Perfect Routine

5. When trying to improve a house cleaning schedule with your family, the best thing you can do is be patient. A messy kitchen or laundry waiting to be put away is not worth fighting over. If you’ve delegated, don’t take the task back because it didn’t get done. Ask if that family member needs help completing it! Get them motivated by supporting them and seeing it through. Then when it’s finished celebrate! This works for all ages from my experience.

It may seem trivial, but when people know they are appreciated, they are way more willing to pitch in and help here and there. Although the chore list may need to be small at first, you can always add one or two tasks as habits form. Starting out with a long list would be overwhelming for anyone!

Create Accountability To Your Routine

6. Having a plan you can successfully stay accountable to is one of the most important parts of your cleaning schedule set up. Try these cleaning hacks to improve your routines when setting up a schedule.

  • Be aware of the unexpected
  • Leave room in your schedule for unplanned events
  • plan and prepare your time so that you have plenty of productivity and plenty of flexibility

As moms, we have so much to manage and keep track of. We were designed with this in mind. Being able to keep several tasks and projects going is not as easy as some can make it look! Our minds and bodies are always at work. Thinking, planning, executing, foreseeing, correcting. It’s amazing! I hope you are encouraged by the fact that you are exactly what God intended you to be!

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness. She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness. Proverbs 31: 25-27

The Power Of Thank You!

7. Gratefulness goes a long way! Recognizing each other’s contributions to the family helps the household run smoothly just as much as the chores and tasks or the routine itself! Make sure you take the time to tell your kids and husband how much you appreciate their help! No matter how many cleaning hacks your routine has. You won’t have willing helpers if you aren’t saying “Thank You!”

After One Week Of Bettering Your Routine

When the week is over, start again! Repeat starting with your planner and these cleaning hacks to improve your routines for the following week. Make any adjustments based on your and your families experience. For more ideas, sign up for the Free E-Course below! I’ll walk you through creating the perfect customized cleaning routine for a deep spring clean or fall fresh home. Complete with checklists and planner printables!

What’s the most difficult area to maintain in your home? Comment Below.

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