10 Effective Time Management Strategies For Productive Moms.

Where Are You Right Now?

When you go through your day, do you always feel like you are behind? Like you never get on top of tasks? Or like you never get to do anything you want to do? You may need to take a look at your tasks, and evaluate how you are really spending your time. Use these 10 Time Management Activities to make some changes to how you approach your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. This post will show you step by step, how to evaluate your time, plan a better week, and create a less stressful home. In addition, you will see that you also have time for your personal goals!

Action Step 1: Prioritize Your Task List

Write out a list of all the things that you HAVE TO accomplish in your day and/or week. This list should include things like showering, housework, meal prep, time with kids, time with husband, volunteering and so on. Make this list as a sort of schedule of your day/week, assigning a time frame for how much time you need to spend doing each thing. Try and be as thorough as possible.

Action Step 2: Just Say “No”

Look through your list, and decide if there are extra things on your plate that you can say “NO” to for now. This could be as simple as saying no to perfectionism. Sometimes we spend an excess amount of time trying to make things perfect. The goal here is to lower the amount of time you spend doing things that you really don’t need to do, or things that someone else can do!

Action Step 3: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Breakdown

Take your list of tasks that should now have an assigned amount of time to each one. Add up all of the time, including sleep, eating and showering. Once you have this total, multiply it by 7 (days a week). Subtract that number from 168 (hours in a week). Now you can subtract some of your weekly items. Regular appointments, dates with husband or friends, and time at church or grocery shopping!

Once you take these numbers out, you should be left with the number of hours you have extra each week! Surprised? I was! I found that I had about 28 hours each week that were unassigned! This challenged me to take on a BIG GOAL that I had been putting off for a long time. What are your goals? Do you have a project that you want to do? Lets be good stewards of our time, so we can accomplish all that God has given us passion for!

Action Step 4: Use A Planner

Once you have made your task list more manageable, take it to your planner. I do this on Sundays. Write out your tasks before the day and time they need to be done. For meal prep, I have my list of dinners and I write down what tasks I can do in the mornings before work to make dinnertime less stressful. Write down what days you need to start, fold, and put away laundry. Schedule time to keep up on cleaning and meal planning. Add in your appointments too. When you spread these tasks throughout your week, it allows you to get everything done, and not feel like you have so much going on day to day.

Action Step #6: Evaluate Where You Can Gain More Time

When you begin to take a look at your week like this, you may see that you can re-prioritize your tasks. There may be some things that you can delegate to others or some things you can just let go of altogether. These time management strategies have a way of making us take a good look at where we really want to spend our time.

Action Step #7: Let Go Of Perfectionism

Perfection, in my opinion, is something we’ll never attain. What we think perfect is, someone else may beg to differ. Everything is open to criticism on some level. So why waste our time trying to make things look or seem “perfect”? There is something to be said for people who can be content in all circumstances. Knowing that you are trying your best, and accomplishing your goals should be the fuel for your fire. Not what others think of you or your accomplishments.

Take A Lesson From Paul

I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether it well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. Philippians 4:12

Action Step #8: Schedule Time For Yourself

After all is said and done, take a look at your week and make sure you have time to relax. Treat yourself to some much needed “you time”. A bath, a book, a movie night. However you want to spend your free time. You will need it with your busy schedule!

Action Step #9: Breakdown Your Goal Into Steps

You also MUST add in your BIG GOAL! Start writing it down and mapping it out. Make manageable milestones and set action steps to get you there! This is why you did this exercise right? Because God gave you a passion for something and you don’t want to miss out! When we are doing what we are passionate about we are happier, joy-filled, and excited. That is what our family needs from us! A mom who is happy and filled with joy. Our husbands want it for us! So let’s not delay pursuing what stirs inside of us!

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Action Step #10: Try These Time Saving Tips

Simple Budgeting Strategies will help you pay bills and take charge of your cash flow with less stress.

Meal Planning Tips will show you step-by-step, how to make easy meal plans and stick with them, saving you time and money.

Freezer Meals are a great way to cook ahead and freeze dinners that take little to no prep during the week. Giving you even more time for yourself, your family, and your goals!

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